Literary Contributions of Sivkishen Ji

Sivkishen Ji, Matchless Author of Mythological and Historical Epics!  He published his works as Amazing Vedic Wisdom Series anad are Kingdom of Shiva, Shiva Samrajyam, Mysterious Kailash, Vedic Spaceships, ‘The King Yayati’, Rigvedic Legendary Battles, Quest of Olympias and Vedic Vaimānika. These series are full of incredibly mind-blowing Mythological and Historical Epic Stories. Explore  from these Works Vedic Science, Philosophy, and Spiritual Wisdom that are hard to decode embedded in Vedas. This is a perfect blend of dharma, karma, divinity, belief, philosophy, literature, science, mathematics, technology, social sciences, morals, etc. with many scientific theories explained unfolding myths and mysteries!

These are fascinating series full of incredibly mind-blowing Stories! Authentically spellbinding on script level by Sivkishen Ji … great reading… hard to put down.
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