Sivkishen Ji
Hyderabad, India

Bio: Kishenji is an Industrialist as well Vedic Scholar and into research of Vedas. He was trained by late Padmabhushan Viswanatha Satyanarayana Hora Sastra, Vimana Sastra, Agama Sastra and Veda Rahasya during 1958-1962. His got all support from Smt. Tenneti Hemalata, a Telugu writer for his writing. Kishenji is a most senior Marketer and Industrialist with 45 Years of strong professional experience in Industrial Production, Administration with Key Skills in Marketing. Being a visionary promoted industries with world-class collaborations. Kishenji is a gifted speaker and extensively travailed all over the world. He is a Paul Harris fellow of Rotary International and recipient of several Honours and prestigious awards including Bharatiya Udyog Ratna, Human Excellence, Healthcare etc., Kishenji authored Wisdom Beyond Boundaries. Kingdom of Shiva is the first of this Epic Series, which is an Amazing Vedic Epic and is a full of Mythological classic epic stories and readers love to chew, digest and remember for ages! On 26th August 2014, at largely attended Delhi elite at Pragati Maidan, Shri Mahesh Giri, MP East Delhi started with a most Vedic prayer “AUM” just before confirming the Title “Rishi” to Sivkishen, Author of Kingdom of Shiva. These original research contributions have a great purpose of promoting time-tested Vedic traditions cultural values to benefit the present generation. These works offer points of identity between science philosophy and spirituality and will paves the way furtherance of advance in the current scientific field. His transfixing style of bridging the huge gap between the ancient Vedic knowledge and Modern science and explaining on those concepts of present advanced sciences don’t have and bringing out as a most interesting and fascinating literary marvel with visual imagery with great authenticity in a Mythological story form is really “wonderful” that the readers love to chew, digest and remember for ages!

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