The quest for Immortality!

The scripting of work “The King Yayati “reveals the differences between the Quests for Immorality and Immortality and reiterates the concept dealt in Rig Veda V11. 8.4 “The Quest for Immorality leads to Doom unless Lust is conquered” in an interesting story form and gives simple solutions for rising above the desires of lust, anger, and greed… Read the King Yayati…..Sivkishen, Author


The King Yayati

This epic research work lucidly details the story of the King Yayati as one of the most intriguing and fascinating episodes of Mahabharata. This explains on the spiritual journey of a King Yayati, who was engaged in religious activities and dictated as per Dharma.

The story of King Yayati brings us five of the most memorable characters of the epic Mahabharata. Yayati was a Puranic king and the son of King Nahusha and Ashokasundari. He was one of the ancestors of Pandavas and Kauravas belong.  He married seductively beautiful Devayani, who was the darling daughter of Asura Guru Shukracharya and Brahmavadini Urjaswathi. Kacha was son of Brihaspati who became the disciple of Shukracharya. The teenage Devayani fell in love with Kucha, who was sent to learn Mrita Sanjivani Mantra from the Asura Guru Shukracharya. After learning the divine mantra he refused to marry Devayani though he fell in…

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