Shiva Samrajyam Mahagranth by Sivkishen

Read and cherish Kingdom of Shiva translated in Telugu by Sivkishen, Author


Shiva Samrajyam by Sivkishen Mahagranth

Kingdom of Shiva is the Mount Kailash. This is known as Mount Meru. Rig Veda 3.23.4 states Mount Meru is the cosmic axis and central region of the universe, which NASA Maps do confirm. Rig Veda 9.63.5 mentioned Lord Shiva as Yogic Indra and father of Maruts. He is the supreme deity and His home situated on Mount Meru. In Sanskrit Shiva means limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless Cosmic Energy! The shadow cast by the rocky outcrops on it draws a huge Swastika, the seat of all power and its snow deposition pattern resembles the sacred ‘AUM’. It has been universal interest on discovering the hidden, mysterious, and unknown wisdom of the world at Mount Kailash. Scientists who have studied this mountain’s topography and structure say that it has a regular square pyramidal shape, and not unlike all known pyramids, is strictly oriented to the cardinal points and is situated…

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